Through my work, I share a part of my Native Pueblo culture, and being mindful when I give it a voice. Living in a dry environment we live in prayers, gratitude & celebration; this is our Pueblo way of life. This is where my inspiration is derived from.

My artwork is an avenue to convey prayers, gratitude, and joy!  - Caroline

Caroline Lucero-Carpio is a Native potter and sculptor from Isleta Pueblo, NM. She is an Alumni of the Institute of American Indian Arts, and the University of New Mexico.

She has worked in clay for 38 years and in bronze for the last two decades. The pottery and clay sculptures are hand coil built from natural clay & volcanic ash that is gathered & processed, the pieces are stone polished and fired.

Caroline was one of the recipients for the 2000 SWAIA Fellowship, (Southwestern Association for Indian Arts). In 2001, she was invited to participate to be an Artist-in-Residence with an International Arts and Cultural Exchange Program in Takeo, Japan. And in 2012, was awarded the Artist of the Year by the Indian Arts and Craft Association, (IACA). Among publications, Caroline is grateful to be included in Steven Trimble's book: Talking with the Clay: The Art of Pueblo Pottery in the 21 Century.

Her work has been purchased for Arts in public places, Museum collections, and by many private collectors.

More recently, she was commissioned by her tribe to create two large scale bronze sculptures for the Isleta Resort & Casino.
She states, “It was an honor, a humbling experience as well as a challenging accomplishment.”


Work in progress & finished piece.  "Mah-wahn ~  Welcome"  stands in front of the Isleta Resort & Casino, Isleta Pueblo,NM.

“Carpio not only finds inspiration in the tradition of her people, but also in the beauty of her surroundings and from Mother Earth. Carpio's work demonstrates strong tradition integrated with a contemporary vision. Carpio's artwork is not only moving, but her spiritual connection that she brings forth through her work resonates deep in your spirit.”

- Stephanie Love

Art Consultant at the former Canyon Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Work in progress of Pa'Tol (old time stick game). It is now finished and is can be viewed at the Isleta Resort & Casino, Isleta Pueblo, NM.


Personal Life

In 1984, I married a young man from home, Tony Carpio, we had a beautiful son, Nathan.  Unfortunately, Tony had an accident at work and didn't make it.

From a young age Nathan has always been a participant in my career, from the gathering of clay & volcanic ash to helping me prep it. He has traveled with me in the states & abroad, then years later driving me to shows. Now a days, I only ask for his help for a couple of outdoor shows that I do. He generously continues to give of himself to his family and community....I give gratitude to Creator for Nathan.

Her-kem, (Thank you in Tiwa).

For taking the time to look at my site, I hope it uplifts your spirit, and if you purchased a piece, I appreciate it, many blessings in return. Come again or refer someone to this site via the share links below, if looking for a unique piece of art or gift.  And as always, Thank you to my past customers for your patronage and friendship, may you all be at a good place.

To all my fellow Artists & those supporting the Arts, & to my son, it been a privilege and honor to walk this
journey together.
To my family, I've made many sacrifices in my career, you were never far from my heart.
To my Community and Ancestors, I hope I've honored you well.

Keep the Faith! 

Caroline Lucero-Carpio                                                                      
Isleta Pueblo, NM